Are you ready to add Zumba Gold-Toning to your workout program? Everyone... and I mean EVERYONE... can benefit from a weight training program. But when you love cardio exercise like Zumba or Zumba Gold, sometimes it can be hard to make time for a strengthening program. And let's face it... it's just not as much fun to sit on some machine and pull the pulleys or to lift dumbbells as it is to dance! Right?


Well, now you don't have to. Because Zumba has a wonderful program called Zumba Toning®, that  uses lightweight dumbbells that sound like maracas. They don't weight a lot, but Zumba Toning does many repetitions of these lightweights... and there ARE benefits. Do Toning routines for only a few weeks and you'll start to notice muscle tone, definition and greater strength. I have... and so have many of my students.

And here's the good news for Gold-level students... There's a gentler form of Zumba Toning called Zumba Gold-Toning. That's what I teach! We still dance, but we also wield our Toning sticks! I build Toning into many of my Zumba Gold classes. Out of 14 or 15 songs, we'll do 3 or 4 toning routines. Just enough to get a benefit, but not so much it wears you out. 


If you've never tried Zumba Toning, I highly encourage you to visit one of my classes. Try it out... I think you'll like it. I do! :) Zumba Gold in Durango, Colorado should include Gold-Toning!


To get an idea what my toning routines are like, check out the videos below. The first one is my original choreo; the video on the right is choreo I used in my classes (with a few modifications)