Zumba Gold is also offered to limited mobility clients in assisted living facilities, senior centers, nursing homes and retirement villages.


We modify the movement and most or all of the routines are performed while sitting in chairs. A typical class lasts anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes, depending on what's right for the particular class, with frequent breaks in between songs, so participants have a chance to recover.

Our goal is to get people moving within their abilities  and to keep them smiling and grooving to music they love and recognize. Although we use Latin & world music, just like in a more mobile Zumba Gold class, we also include a lot of tunes from yesteryear that participants will recognize and want to move to.

Zumba Gold, seated classes, when attended regularly, can help with:

  • Muscle strength

  • Balance

  • Flexibility

  • Mental awareness & functioning

  • Mood

  • And so much more!

Before I moved to Colorado, I taught a number of seated Zumba Gold classes each week, in a variety of settings. They were the highlight of my week!


The joy I got from seeing my students' faces light up while they moved, hummed, sang and just got into the music made my job so rewarding!


And, we ALL worked up a sweat. Their mobility may have been limited, but as they liked to remind me, they're "still kicking!"



In one of my classes, we even stood for 2 or 3 songs (optional), so that they could practice balance and put a little more intensity into their workout, if they were able.

I hope to start teaching seated Gold classes again someday soon, now that I am settled in my new home town of Durango, Colorado.

Here are a few of the songs I've choreographed to do with my seated Zumba Gold classes...

To see other examples of my original seated Zumba Gold choreography, you can view my YouTube playlist here.