I love to teach different formats and different levels of students! Everyone is welcome in my classes, no matter what your background, your ability or who you are. 

Where & When I Teach


Currently, because of the COVID-19 quarantine, I am only able to teach classes online. I have livestreamed Zumba Gold classes through Zoom on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10:30AM MDT. I may be adding another day or afternoon classes soon.

I will also be offering pre-recorded classes through the Zumba website very soon. Feel free to use my contact page or join my FB page to learn more.

My Music

My music sticks to the foundation of what Zumba really is, which means I offer a wide variety of Latin, International and world rhythms in my classes, as well as a few oldies, current pop hits, country music, swing or even jazz. I like to take my students on a virtual trip around the world through my choice of music and dance rhythms.

I also tend to choose fun, upbeat or inspirational music. And I am always happy to share the names of songs with you!

My Rates

I pretty much stick to current rates for the area I live in. Sometimes I offer specials. And often I offer incentives for signing up for a new punch card, bringing a friend, maintaining consistent attendance, etc. Get the details on my Rates page. PLUS, your first in-person class with me is always FREE! Try before you buy!

For my online classes: I am asking for a donation of $3/class if you are able. If not, you are welcome to attend my classes for FREE. The important thing is that we all keep dancing through this pandemic!