I love to teach different formats and different levels of students! Everyone is welcome in my classes, no matter what your background, your ability or who you are. 

Where & When I Teach

Currently, I am not teaching any classes of my own, although I do sub the Zumba classes at the Durango Rec Center whenever I can. However, I am always open to new opportunities! 


I also love to do events & will volunteer my time for them, so feel free to ask! I am also available to sub for other instructors in any location, provided I can fit your class into my existing schedule.

My Music

My music sticks to the foundation of what Zumba really is, which means I offer a wide variety of Latin, International and world rhythms in my classes, as well as a few oldies, current pop hits, country music, swing or even jazz. I like to take my students on a virtual trip around the world through my choice of music and dance rhythms.


I also tend to choose fun, upbeat or inspirational music. And I am always happy to share the names of songs with you!

My Rates

I pretty much stick to current rates for the area I live in. Sometimes I offer specials. And often I offer incentives for signing up for a new punch card, bringing a friend, maintaining consistent attendance, etc. Get the details on my Rates page. PLUS, your first class with me is always FREE! Try before you buy!


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